(Twitter changes the world)『ツイッター 140文字が世界を変える』

In Japan, twitter becomes more common as before.
Some media begin to tweet their news article, and some artists and celebrities tweet their daily lives.

In Japan, a book focusing on twitter, which was published last month (Oct., 2009), hits the best-seller list.
The title is "Twitter; tweets in 140 characters change the world." (in Japanese: "ツイッター 140文字が世界を変える").

This book introduces the twitter service to Japanese people.
This book consisted of the following topics:
- A history of twitter in Japan (Chap. 1):
-- Twitter in Japan broke out twice, in 2007 and 2009.
- What is twitter (Chap. 2):
-- A brief introduction on twitter: who made twitter, why 140 chars, what is TL, RT, DM and hashtags, etc. Some sections in this chapter, twitter is compared to mixi, a Japanese social networking service such as Facebook or MySpace.
- How to enjoy twitter (Chap. 3):
-- There are no specific usages for twitter, except for following and twittering. Follow some people/sources/bots, and twitter about yourself.
- Twitter in business (Chap. 4):
-- Introduction of some advanced companies that is using twitter on business.
- Twitter outlook for the future (Chap. 5):
-- One perspective for twitter in Japan.

*** quotes ***

- Every people makes the Internet useful. We shouldn't forget about that fact. (p. 6)

[Chap. 1: A history of twitter in Japan]
- One day, the following tweet poked up: (p. 47)
-- Found you in twitter after a long interval and followed you slyly.
-- You didn't notice that that was me. I think I can tell that this is myself to you someday.
-- Read your tweets and they reminded me of the good old days.
-- Few days after, you tweeted: "Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary."

[Chap. 2: What is twitter]
- Twitter acts as information filters. (pp. 97, 98)

[Chap. 3: How to enjoy twittering]
- When I tweeted "I'm in a bar : "Waura-Sakaba" now.", someone tweeted "May I come?". After then he came and joined with me. I was surprised that could happen with twitter. (p. 120)

[Chap. 4: Using twitter in business]
- With twitter, journalists can pass realtime information. (p. 156)
- In incunabula of the new service, the only thing we have to do is to try. (p. 166)

[Chap. 5: Twitter outlook for the future]
- A 140-character tweet in Japanese contains 3 times as much information as that in English. Therefore, twitter in Japan will evolve somewhat differently with that in English. (p. 186)
- When we send information, the information will be brushed up and come back to the sender. Keep tweeting, and your life will become affluent. (pp. 191, 205)

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